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How to prevent moisture blisters in paint and save money on energy bill at the same time?


We are in
the middle of summer now. Great time for those who are on the beach, and
difficult time for those in their body shop. Summer is associated with
holidays, nice weather and hot temperatures. The last may be not so fun when
you work, and the problem is not that you have to spray a car, while mentally
you are on the seaside…  High temperature
causes excessive water in the compressed air system, and as a result we have
water blisters paint defect. In addition, our compressor has to “work” much
harder in order to compress hot air, so our high energy bills are not only due
to the A/C consumption.

Just a
little bit of physics

3 states of water

As we know,
water exists in three states: ice, liquid and gas (vapor). The state of water
depends on the temperature, so when the ambience temperature reaches 100° C,
water evaporates. In general, the more you increase the temperature of air, the
more moisture turns into gas. But why do I say this to you? The reason is
simple. The air coming from compressor is hot and loaded with moisture. If the
area surrounding the compressor is hot, the problem grows, and air pumped from
the compressor is full of water vapor, and it can’t be trapped by our air
filters in such condition. Therefore packed with water air reaches the cool
surface of the vehicle and…we have water blisters.

Moisture blisters

What I can
do about it?

The truth is
that many body shop owners “hide” their compressors in some gloomy, isolated
places with poor or no air circulation, and as a result during the summer the
temperature there raises to its highs. The solution is to cool down the area
surrounding the compressor by all means. Simple air ventilator could be a
solution. If your body shop is air-conditioned, make sure that your compressor
is exposed to cool air flows from your AC.



in the post’s title I mentioned energy saving? The good thing is that any
investment you will need to chill out the compressor area will quite soon pay
back in lower power consumption. The reason is that the hot air is difficult to
compress, and it puts higher load on the machine. The rule is that for every 5°
C reduction in the compressor intake air temperature, we have double the amount
of money saved from energy bills!

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