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4 Ways to Speed Up Your Body Shop Productivity

Productivity watch

We all keep
saying “Time is Money”, but very few of us really do something to really
increase the body shop’s delivery times. Even if you understand that your
repair process is not smooth or effective, you hardly know where to begin from,
what to change? Nevertheless, by doing adopting 4 steps program below, you will
significantly decrease your car delivery time up to 50%!

Productivity bust

your body shop layout. Actually this one is the most difficult. You may say
that your working space is limited and hard to change, but from our experience
there is always space for improvement and optimizing already existing places.


down your space on different working areas. The biggest mistake is to do all
jobs everywhere. Additional time will be needed for moving tools and equipment
around the place. Usually the main areas are: 
panel area,
where damaged parts are taken off, prep area, where body
filler is applied, sanded and afterwards the surface is cleaned with tack rag
and degreased; painting area or spray booth, where primer, basecoat and
clearcoat are applied; finish or polishing area, where final inspection and
defects removal take place; and finally washing (valeting) area, where the
vehicle is washed, ideally before and after the repairing process.

the time of moving the cars between working areas by relocating each working
place according to logical sequence of jobs execution

Shop layout

the link for Spieshecker brochure “Successfully designing a new bodyshop” for
more tips or just admire this video from Spanesi designed body shop. 

 Us   2. Use
fast drying spraying materials in combination with Infrared lamps. Paint
materials for collision repair have advanced for the last decade. You can find
a very fast drying fillers, basecoats or clears almost in all major car
refinishing brands.
In addition, infrared technology made
our lives even easier. We can speed up drying times for small area repairs
without even getting into spray booth. It is amazing how underused this type of
equipment is in many body works facilities!

3.     3.  
it clean! I will never stop saying that having your place clean is crucial for
your image and work quality. And when I mean “clean”, I refer for 4 Cs concept.


car (surface to be painted)

air in compressed air system

you (I mean gloves and overalls will keep your dust out)

Clean body shop

4.     4. 
cut the corners during the preparation work. It is known fact that 90% of all
time you spend on car painting job is actually preparation of the vehicle for
painting. Skipping steps and avoiding proper procedures will only cause lengthy
and costly re-work. So, follow your suppliers’ technical instructions to be
fast and efficient.  

2 hours delivery

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