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4 things a car painter and a doctor have in common



Car painter doll
could say that there is hardly anything in common between collision repair
facility and, let's say, your family doctor’s office. Well, probably it is true
to some extent. Nevertheless, besides the fact that some auto paint
professionals are called "car skin doctors", there are some
professional attributes we should borrow from doctors.


Doctor doll

1. Place your professional
certificates on some prominent place.

time you will visit your doctor, pay attention to the walls of his cabinet. I
am pretty sure that his diplomas and certificates will be right behind him
nicely framed! It is not a show off, but a well understood practice to assure a
patient that he is in the right place for treatment.

Certificate pic

refinishing professional also spends considerable amount of time to learn the
craft. Wether he graduated from technical school or attended a number of
professional seminars or has been certified by the car colour company, he had
acquired quite a few documents certifying his knowledge. So, my advice is to
clean the dust from your professional certificates and to place them on the
nice spot of the body shop, or even better in your office!


2. Find some place for the

that you need a minor surgical operation to be done (a really small one). You
come to the place to schedule the date with your surgeon, and he admits you… right
over the operation table. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

Car bodyshop office

it or not, but exactly the same applies to any collision and body repair shop.
There should be a place, preferably separated from the noise of working
compressor or sanding machine, where painter could discuss with a customer all
the procedures, costs and, perhaps, additional services to be offered. Let's
face it, selling your service standing in the middle of noisy and dusty body
shop, doesn't look very professional!


3. Keep the body shop clean as

remember my feelings when during my trip to Zambia I looked for a medical help
in one small place in the middle of nowhere. The doctor's place was dirty and
old, and I thought my fever probably is not so important, and I should leave or
better run away, as soon as possible. Fortunately, most of the doctor's
cabinets are tidy, clean and well maintained. Otherwise how could we trust our
health to such a doctor?

Tidy Body Shop

one could say, body shop is a working place, where old parts are removed,
sanding dust is in the air, while spilled paint stains decorate every corner.
Big mistake! Don't expect your customer to respect you, if you don't respect
yourself the place you spend so much time every day. My advice is:


Clean that dust from the floor, your tools, infrared dryers, and all the
equipment. This will give preserve value of your investment and help to
"fight" those nasty dust nibs you spend so much time to polish away.


Remove all those old bonnets, cracked bumpers and smashed doors. You will be
surprised how much bigger your body shop actually is.

Devote one weekend per year to paint your walls. Nothing fancy, pure white or
beige colour will refresh the look of your shop. Better mood everyday comes as


Improve the lighting, clean your windows, and let the bright side of life in.
Having better vision of the place to be repaired is always a big plus.


Make some shelves and find place for all tools and consumables. One of the
biggest problems with clear coat polishing and swirl marks I noticed all those
years, was dirty polishing pads covered with sanding dust.


4. Dress up and look

do you think all doctors wear those nice white lab coats? Because they want to
look professional, so they must dress up like a doctor. It is an attribute,
rather than necessity. White coat inspires confidence.

Dirty uniform

do believe that clean overall is a must, especially when you meet a customer.
How on earth customers will take seriously your business, if your working
uniform is dirty and looks like rag?























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