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The main aim of this blog is to provide car refinishing professionals with helpful, interesting and thoughts intriguing information about auto collision industry. I am privileged to meet bright and innovative people in auto color business around the world, so most of the posts in are born during my trips. Ideas in this blog are written to provoke discussion, to raise questions and to welcome open dialogue around automotive refinishing industry’s future, new products, out of box techniques, and most importantly, about wonderful people involved in the craft of painting vehicles, those second homes on four wheels.

3 Responses to About ETALON

  1. V says:

    Hi I want prices for your products.
    Which are for vehicle body repairs eg.
    Clear coat laquore.
    Polishing compounds.
    Body filler.
    Also how good is your clear coat laquore
    I currently use max Meyer 2k clear coat also dupont clear coat. Can you give me prices for your products to send to u.k

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