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The most underused social media platform is…

In the past posts I have been covering extensively the marketing tools a smart bodyshop owner or paint supplies trader should use. Email marketing, professional magazines ads, old school direct mailing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, you name it. However, I would like to draw your attention to another social platform, which is very popular among young people, celebrities and just anyone who likes photos and visual content – Instagram.


Instragram has been founded in 2010, and, within 7 years, it has grown up to be the third largest social media platform after Facebook (which actually owns Instagram after 1 billion dollar acquisition in 2012) and video sharing platform – YouTube. Currently Instagram boasts over 800 mln active users, surpassing Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin altogether. This is a huge audience with a tremendous advertising potential.

Instagram as marketing tool for the collision repair business

There is a false impression that Instagram is a platform for selfie addicts or fashion and luxury brands. Well, Instagram is their platform too. However, due to the Instagram’s unique appeal for the visual content (photos and videos sharing), Instagram provides an opportunity for automotive collision repair professionals to promote their business. If you have a product or service, which can be photographed, you should use Instagram. For examples, one of the best forms of posts on Instagram for a bodyshop would be “Before and After” concept. What you need to do is to take a picture of a damaged vehicle prior repair, and then a picture of the vehicle ready to be delivered to a customer. Simple as that. In addition, with Instagram it is much easier to create a quality content without many words, only with your smart phone. Remember the saying «A picture is worth a thousand words»?  It is about Instragram.

As I mentioned above, in your Instagram feed you can show the results of customers’ vehicles repairs, equipment in your shop, details of the repair process. Create your shop’s or brand’s hash tag, and incorporate it across all the social media platforms. Remember, a good marketing strategy shouldn’t rely on one instrument only, but rather on multiple channels, and Instagram better be one of them. With its help you can generate leads, get customers emails, increase traffic to your website and create a good digital word of mouth.


5 Strategies for Social Media Marketing for Auto Body Shops

Social media


Social media is changing the way marketing
works for most businesses. Car refinishers have a lot to benefit from social
media marketing. Have you thought of incorporating it in your marketing
strategy? Social media can help you promote your business, while at the same
time interacting with your customers and getting feedback from them. With most
advertising methods being far too expensive for some businesses, it is a cheap
way to get your message across to a large number of people.


  • Share content that matters with your customers

Facebook, YouTube
and Twitter, being the most popular
social networking platforms, with a great deal of potential customers, are one
of the first places businesses should have an online presence.  Business profiles should be attractive and
show exactly what your business has to offer, such as services and products.

  Social media 1

Car refinishers, for instance can use these
networks, not just to post general content, which usually doesn’t interest your
customers, but to provide them with information about your business. Special
tips regarding cars or repairs, how-to videos and photos of your business in
action, are the things that really matter. Also, these profiles can be a great
place for answering questions customers might have or responding to comments
and they can also help you get feedback from your customers and find ways to
make your services and products even better.


  • Get reviews that speak for you

Foursquare 1

Foursquare, which is a location based social network, is
a great place car professionals can promote their services. The customers which
are close to your business can be notified of special offers and sales, and it
is also a good opportunity for customers to view reviews and comments from other
users, who have visited your bodyshop and are satisfied with your services.


  • Show off your work.


Flickr is a great photo sharing platform which
allows you to show off your finest work. 
You can post before and after photos of car refinishing, repairs or your
products, so customers can see for themselves what you do. This is the easiest
way to show the world just how good you are at your job. Classic example of "before" and "after" jobs easily visualize completed collision repair operations.


  • Track down the competition

LinkedIn 1

Linkedin is also a platform that every business should
take into consideration, because it allows you to make connections and view the
competition, see what other car refinishers are doing in terms of service,
products as well as marketing techniques. It helps you stay ahead and have a
strictly professional profile that informs people from automotive body repair industry.


  • Get the most out of Social Media

In order for all these techniques to work for
your business, you have to learn how to use them. The key to becoming popular
on social media is interacting with
your customers. Always provide them with interesting and helpful information
and respond to anything they say. Try to become the “expert” and you will see
people lining up to take your advice and come use your services. Don’t forget
that all these social media accounts should be integrated into your website and
easy to find. If you follow these steps, you’ll see the benefits of social
media in no time.

Social-media 2

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